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COVID-19 - UPDATE 23 May 2020

Our position was reviewed on 15.05.2020 in light, of the possible 1st June partial reopening. Directors agreed that Early Birds and Owl Club will remain closed until further notice.

COVID-19 – UPDATE 24/03/20

Following the Prime Ministers ‘lockdown’ announcement on the evening of the 23rd March and due to these unprecedented times, Owl Club Directors agreed that for the safety of all concerned and to enable all our staff to self-isolate, both Early Birds and Owl Club should not operate until further notice. It is likely that Early Birds/Owl Club will not operate again until school fully reopens. This decision has been very hard for us. We thank you for your continued support, kind messages and understanding. Stay safe and together we will get through this.


Owl Club - Directors

Emergency Closure Policy - COVID-19

Following a meeting of the Owl Club Directors and the Manager, the following has been agreed in response to the current situation and COVID-19.

If the Owl Club was required to close because of the closure of Oswald Road School the club will credit 50% of fees back against fees accrued at the end of the school year. For instance if the club closes for two weeks, a week of fees will be credited back by adjusting the direct debit at the end of the school year.

If the club is forced to close because of insufficient staff numbers, the club will partially credit all days closed back at a rate of 50%, again at the end of the academic year.

If the club is open but a child is unable to attend (because they are ill or in quarantine) then the parents still need to pay, as usual.

The fees paid whilst the club is closed will cover paying our staff in full over any period of closure and also to continue to pay the rent to the school, this is necessary to keep the club viable for the future and to support our loyal staff. The club reserves will cover all other costs.

Although we do have insurance, our insurers don't cover novel diseases such as COVID-19. We are aware the next few months will be financially difficult for many of us, we ask you to continue with your current standing orders and if you have problems paying these fees, please speak to the Manager or contact Mark Nesbitt, the Lead Director.

Our Aim

The aim of the Club is to provide a safe, friendly, relaxing, free play learning environment for children. Children are supervised and observed by experienced and qualified staff. Staff provide a wide range of activities, including creative arts and crafts, cooking, sewing, drama, outdoor play and games.

Our Hours

Parent Handbook

For information about the club rules and procedures please consult our handbook. A copy is available to download from the downloads section of this site or hard copies are available from the Club.