Owl Club and Early Birds

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The Owl Club and Early Birds are before and after school clubs, which comprise the company, whose official name is Oswald Road Childcare Club C.I.C..

The club is a not for profit community interest company (CIC) (Registration No: 09560968). The club is managed independently from the school but the school recognises the importance of the wrap-a-round services and fully supports the Club with accommodation and other services. The club is managed by a board of directors who are generally recruited from parents of children in the club

OFSTED regulates the Club and it complies with legislation and standards applicable to out of school care. (Ofsted Registration Number: 501632).


Oswald Rd Childcare Club Ltd was set up in 1993 as a child care co-operative. The Club has provided childcare for a generation of Oswald Road Children. In 2015 the companies club's legal structure was changed to community interest company.

Organisational Structure

The management of the organisation is done by Sam Dawson. Razia has been apointed deputy manager. The organisation is split into the Breakfast Club called Early Birds and the after school club known as Owl Club, within Owl Club there is the division into Little Owls the EYFS and Big Owls (or Owl Club proper). Each of these divisions are run by a different Play Leader. The Play Workers report to the Play Leaders.

Club Board

The board meets monthly during term time, usually the first Tuesday of the month. If anyone has any issues they want discussing, please contact Sam or email the Lead Director.


Lead/Company SecretaryMark Nesbitt
Finance Richard Norreys
Human ResourcesJenny Kennedy


Early Birds and Owl Club Manager Sam Dawson