Owl Club and Early Birds

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The Owl Club and Early Birds are the before and after school clubs for Oswald Road Primary School. The club’s official name is Oswald Road Childcare Club C.I.C.

The club is a not for profit Community Interest Company (CIC) Registration No: 09560968. The club is managed by a small group of 3 Directors.

The club is independent from the school, Although, to ensure we maximise the learning and fun for the children in our care, we have a very close relationship with School, teachers and staff. Owl Club pays an annual contribution to school to cover the cost of Owl Club using school space and facilities.

OFSTED regulates the Club and it complies with legislation and standards applicable to out of school care. (Ofsted Registration Number: 501632). We have been assessed as an OUTSTANDING provider.


Owl Club was originally set up by parents in 1993 and has provided childcare for generations of Chorlton children. In 2015, the club legal structure was changed into a community interest company to provide the club with a more stable and sustainable financial footing. At the same time the staffing structure was changed to provide better overall management and leadership.

Organisational Structure

The club management is delivered by fully qualified Manager.

The organisation is split into Teams, the Breakfast Club called Early Birds and the After School Club known as Owl Club, within Owl Club there is Little Owls (reception/nursery children) and Big Owls (AKA - Owl Club).

Each of these Teams are run by a different Deputy Manager, assisted by a dedicated Play Leader, and a team of Play Workers.

Club Board

The Directors meet monthly during term time. If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns they want discussing at a Directors meeting, please contact the Manager or email the Lead Director.


Lead/Company SecretaryMark Nesbitt
Finance Richard Norreys
Human ResourcesJenny Kennedy


Early Birds and Owl Club Manager Sam Dawson
Early Birds Deputy Adam Hough
Little Owls Deputy Razia Dastageer
Play Leader Donna Jonas
Play Leader Tayyaba Safdar