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2020 – 2021 Registration Documents

Please find documents required to register your child/children for the new 2020-21 academic year

Please complete and sign:

NB: Both documents are required for all current children, children on our waiting list and new children.

There is no need for a formal signature on the Parent Contract, instead please type your name into the signature box.

Please return your forms by emailing with ‘registration’ in the subject title to registration@owl-club.co.uk and also copy (CC) in asap, but no later than 12noon 24th April 2020.

Our places are allocated using the following criteria:

Please see the Admissions and Fees document and our Parent Handbook for a more detailed explanation. We have also included our Privacy Notice, Complaints Procedure and Owl Club’s Behaviour Management Policy for your information.

Please Note:

Our club is oversubscribed each year and therefore, places cannot be guaranteed. It is advisable to seek alternative childcare in the event we cannot offer a place. We will endeavour to advise your of your place as soon as possible after the closing date.